Island Hospitality Dobby White Hand Towels

Island Hospitality Dobby White Hand Towels

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Royal Suite towels are engineered to deliver superior comfort and luxury over the long term despite the stresses of institutional laundering. With high quality ring-spun yarns, strong weaving, shade control, colorfastness and reinforced selvage edges, these towels are built for long term value. Don’t lose money by buying low-cost goods you need to replace frequently. 

  • 100% Cotton, Plush and Super Absorbent

  • Ring Spun Pile Loops for Superior Softness

  • Elegant Dobby Border

  • Woven on Sulzer Looms

  • Fast Selvages for Enhanced Strength

  • Spectrophotometer-Controlled Shade Consistency

  • Stylish Embroidered Sewn-In Label

  • Ideal for Upscale Luxury Properties