SHOWA 690 Blue Glove & Sleeve

SHOWA 690 Blue Glove & Sleeve

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The 690 chemical protection glove keeps the entire hand and arm away from harmful chemicals. Extended bonded sleeves are secured with an elasticated cuff.

Its soft cotton liner is breathable, controls temperature, and absorbs perspiration for extended comfort throughout the day.

Flexible materials and a rough surface grip offer optimum tactility, and an impermeable surface allows maximum control in greasy and wet environments


  • Seamless knit
  • Flexible
  • Chemical-resistant
  • Soft liner
  • Full-arm protection
  • Robust grip
  • Water-resistant
  • Impermeable


  • Rough grip
  • Cotton liner
  • Extended Bonded Sleeve
  • Elasticated border
  • Full PVC Coating